DBF Repair

Using an Smart DBF Repair to Quickly repair dbf files

DBF Repair

Smart DBF Repair recovery damaged DBF databases without any external software. The application analyzes your corrupted dbf files, carefully restoring all headers and data records. Unlike competitors, Smart DBF Repair not only fix dbf headers but repair data in records. The repair process is fast and fully automated, allowing restoring dbf files quickly and accurately.

DBF files are among the most frequently accessed in a typical business environment, facing the highest risk of corruption at the time of a system crash or power failure. Backups are a sure way to solve the problem, but what if you don’t have a fresh copy handy? No backup - no problem! Smart DBF Repair fix corrupt dbf files completely automatically and with maximum accuracy.

Smart DBF Repair is a powerful dbf repair tool for database users and developers. Don’t risk destroing your dbf database, and don’t meet the challenge unprepared! Download a free evaluation version and familiarize yourself with the recovery process before your database fails.


Direct Access

Third-party DBF repair tools that rely on external database drivers. ODBC and BDE drivers don’t include and recovery mechanisms. Using the drivers perform repair operations can only fix minor errors in databases that are not damaged to the point they cannot open.

Smart DBF Repair is fully aware of this issue, and accesses DBF files directly. Carefully analyzing data records and database structures without the drivers results in highest quality repair.

Automatic DBF Repair

Smart DBF Repair can be used by anyone from novice computer users to experienced database administrators. You need only select damaged DBF files and Smart DBF Repair will take care of the rest completely automatically.

Ease of Use

Many computer users will find it convenient to drag and drop files into Smart DBF Repair window from Windows Explorer, while database administrators will appreciate the easy batch mode and advanced command line.

Database Compatibility

Smart DBF Repair automatically detects dbf file formats. It supports all DBF formats used by popular databases, and can automatically repair files produced with dBase III/IV, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro.

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